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See how the design community seamlessly integrates historically-inspired design into their work, tapping WILLIAMSBURG product for the process.


Designers and tastemakers around the world have pinpointed Colonial Williamsburg as an inspiration catalyst for their lives and work.

With cues from the early American colors, architecture, and classic shapes on display in our Historic Area, it’s easy to see the impact of Colonial Williamsburg’s design legacy.




Marina Case

The Red Shutters, Marina's interior design firm, is based in Hudson, New York, where she has been an ardent supporter of the WILLIAMSBURG brand for years.

Marina features the WILLIAMSBURG Governor's Palace mirror by Global Views in a Tuxedo Park home

Marina Case.jpg

“It is my privilege and honor to support WILLIAMSBURG in leading the design community and colleagues in integrating the stories and products which help our work come alive in creating history with style.  I can’t think of a better way to raise awareness of history with our young people so that they continue in the traditions of our nation and forefathers.

Marina Case

Owner and Principal - The Red Shutters

Bringing History Home


Photo by David Hillegas

“The mix of traditional, modern, and vintage keeps [the table] looking fresh, and no table is complete without a simple yet beautiful flower arrangement.”

Heather Chadduck Hillegas

Heather Chadduck Interiors

Heather Chadduck for lifestyle pg- credit David Hillegas (2).jpg

Featured in 


Secrets for setting a beautiful outdoor table setting with WILLIAMSBURG.

Heather Chadduck Hillegas.jpg

Who knew history could be this beautiful on a table? 

Amy Montgomery

Amy Montgomery Home

Amy Montgomery - credit Ruby and Peach_edited.jpg

As part of the WILLIAMSBURG American Style panel at High Point Market in April 2019, Young encouraged others to inform their design eye by studying historic homes and their colorful rooms.


“I think Americans really had bold bright color...Some of these federal rooms have crazy color, they’re very imaginative, very playful. I think the American spirit is about taking risks, really going for it, and having those bold accents.”

Young Huh

Owner and Principal - Young Huh Interior Design


“I love the provenance of both pieces: the china pattern being very formal and grand, as we might find in the Governor’s Palace, and the napkins being very humble and informal like we might find on a tavern table set for weeknight travelers.

I think design is best when it balances high and low — the combination creates alchemy!” 

Caroline Gidiere

Caroline Gidiere Interiors

Caroline Gidiere_edited.jpg
Steele Marcoux_edited_edited.jpg
Eric Ross - paired photo by WMBG.jpg

Featured in 


How to Set a Festive Christmas Table for Four with WILLIAMSBURG

“Needlepoint pillows are an easy way to give a nod to the past

Eric Ross

Owner and Principal - Eric Ross Interiors

Featured in 

Mansion Global

“I always start with storytelling, and I think the mix is magic, there’s magic in the mix... If I’m using a dramatic historic piece that’s got a lot of gravitas, I feel like the fabrics have to be bold. I feel like that guides you.”

Gary Inman

Owner and Principal - Gary Inman Interior Design

Gary Inman.jpg

Steele Marcoux lists our WILLIAMSBURG: Decorating with Style book as a must read on her Editor's Bookshelf.


January - February 2021

WMBG HP Market Panel.jpg

Gary stokes the fire for historically-inspired design in all aspects of his work, including when he brought forward insightful discussion points as part of the WILLIAMSBURG American Style panel at High Point Market in April 2019.

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